Tier 1: Single shooter. 8-hours. 2k

Tier 2: Tier one, but filtered through a Zen Buddhist philosophy. Slightly Westernized (implicitly). Cf. "Zen Flesh Zen Bones" 2-3k.

Tier 3: Two Shooters. 8 Hours. 2.5-3.5k

Tier 4: I officiate the wedding, but with a gopro on my head. $800.

Tier 5: Wedding shot on 8mm cinema film. Shots are grabbed as stills. Tier 1 + $500 to pay for camera, developing, time, retouching, etc.

Tier 6: Wedding shot at Kabbalah Shabbat ceremony on a Friday night. Everyone must wear completely white; men and women are separated on different sides of the room. There is no wedding--only the expression of an internal religious experience, which, can then be interpreted as a wedding ceremony. $800

Tier 7: I get married. $2k*

Tier 8: A Franz Kafka Book, but in photos. At your wedding. 4k.

Tier 9: Reinterpretation of Dash Snow's polaroid work. Must pay for all polaroids, drinks at night clubs, drugs, etc. Wedding optional. 


1. anti-post-structuralist wedding. Requires an essay explaining how your wedding has been abstracted from its localized, authentic culture and how it plans to reinterpret authenticity and locality to reinvigorate the tradition that it has been abstracted from.**

2. Communion is taken with real blood and real body during ceremony.

3. Brian Eno is the DJ for your wedding. 50% off.

*preferably, someone with the looks of jake gyllenhaal (young version) with the personality of someone nice and open to Tier 6.

**You can't write a bullshit essay on post-structuralism to try to get a deal. Discount is dependent on quality.

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